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Shun Tat Debt Collection Service Company (STD) established since 1998. We always look ahead, strives hand to improve ourselves. Having on this belief: we continuously provide quality service for our customer, helping our customer to solve business problems.

HCM is a member of Shun Tat Group, provides the professional opinion for all our customers to resolve they're the annoyance caused by the bad debts, strive for justice and repayment. We act on behalf of our customer to dun for bad debts. In addition, we also provide legal consultancy service regarding debts in mainland China and/or outside Hong Kong, dealing with the small claim litigation, property management , handles various contract disputes and risk analysis etc In addition, if customers want to have more information on the scale and the background of their trade partners, then they may choose any of various searching services, such as company, land, bankruptcy search and marketing research services etc.







The management team of Shun Tat Group is coming from different business sectors:

Some of our members of the senior management came from the banking and finance sectors. With accordance to the accumulated management experiences, this certainly would definitely help to justify the risk of dunning. We can also determine the acuity touch of the market and ample analyzing skills.
Some other members of this senior management also accumulated with numerous years of experiences in Credit Management field. Since they earned a lot of experience in Credit field and accumulated in Collection tactics, adding their professional knowledge, the result will enhance and lead all our collection members to achieve to the best of Credit Management!
With respect, some of these members of the senior management team established businesses in HK and China for many years, with this knowledge, it enables us to familiar on the characteristic of international trade as well as good communicating ability and coordinating skills. With that, we believe it can help and support our customer to solve the dispute of the international business. Furthermore, we have a close network with some famous known organization in China; this will help our customer to develop business, too.

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